Former Rutgers fullback Michael Burton…Thug.

Former Rutgers fullback Michael Burton was on the field for the NFL Scouting Combine last weekend, so he obviously couldn’t hear NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock’s commentary. But it didn’t take long for Burton to learn that Mayock called him a thug “in a good way.”

Mayock made the comment after Burton ran his first 40-yard dash in 4.8 seconds. Mayock said Burton’s speed is not a concern because the fullback’s blocking abilities are his main asset. Mayock also praised Burton’s skills as a receiver.

Burton, who clocked in at 4.74 seconds in his second 40-yard dash, enjoyed the unusual compliment from Mayock.

“That was cool,” Burton said. “He’s definitely a guy who does a great job in what he does, not only being an NFL analyst, but just his football IQ. I know he calls Notre Dame games, he calls college football games, so he has a very high IQ of football. So hearing a guy talk highly of you like that was definitely good. I’m just going to continue to keep working and hopefully just continue that.”

After his on-field tests, Burton was supposed to fly home from Indianapolis. His flight got canceled, so he went out to dinner with his trainers from Parabolic Performance & Rehabilitation.

And would you believe it, Burton’s group just happened to go to the same restaurant as Mayock.

“I was able to introduce myself and talk to him for a little bit, which was an awesome experience,” said Burton, who is preparing for Rutgers’ pro day next Wednesday. “So I’m actually kind of glad my flight was canceled because I really enjoyed talking to him and meeting him. That was definitely an awesome experience.”

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