Scarlet Knights at the NFL Combine

Former Rutgers FB Michael Burton is getting ready to enter the spotlight at the NFL scouting combine, which officially began Tuesday in Indianapolis.

It was a bit surprising that Burton earned a combine invite, as only three fullbacks will be featured in the field of 323 participants.

Burton had nearly no rushing stats last season at Rutgers, with just one carry for two yards. On the other hand, his lead-blocking skills were crucial to Rutgers’ success on the ground. The 6-foot, 230-pounder added 15 catches for 150 yards, do the math…

Burton’s contributions caught the eye of NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock.

“There are two things I like. One, if you’re going to be a fullback in the NFL, you have to be a tough guy. And he is a tough guy, and he’s been a lead blocker,” Mayock said during a conference call on Monday afternoon. “I think he also catches the football and that’s important. I don’t really care about him as a runner, but he’s got to be able on play-action to sneak out in the flat and catch it, which he does.”

With a strong showing at the combine, Burton could see his stock rise and potentially weasel his way into the late rounds of the draft. Only 3 fullbacks were selected in last year’s draft, none of whom were selected before the 211th pick.

Draft position is less of a concern than finding a fit. Just 19 of the 32 NFL teams employ a fullback.

“Fullbacks don’t get drafted very high in this league,” Mayock said. “Whether he gets drafted or not is not really important. What’s important is that he gets into an offense that values that position and he gets into the right camp.”

Burton will arrive in Indianapolis on Wednesday. He will undergo medical examinations, physical measurements and team interviews on Thursday. Friday will consist of psychological testing, the bench press test and team interviews. Finally, the ever anticipated on-field workout on Saturday.

Former Rutgers tight end Tyler Kroft will also be a participant at the combine. The tight ends are scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. Kroft has medical examinations, physical measurements and team interviews on Wednesday; psychological testing, the bench press test and team interviews on Thursday; and the on-field workout on Friday.

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